Saturday, November 28, 2015

K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator,, Very nice compact pedal electrical generator in my opinion

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator, Emergency Charger, Any Portable, so i have to tell.

my experience with this generator and the company that invented this was very enjoyable. When it came my expedition, my generator ktor had a problem after a few weeks of use. was no longer work for some reason, so I had to return it back. the company has accepted my request and sent me a fully functional one without any problem. great backup power during times of emergency. the only thing I couldn't understand is how to load a 12 volt battery

K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator,

The Power Box is a pedal generator that can be used with your legs or arms. It generates electricity as you pedal, like on a stationary bicycle. Charge the batteries of a full range of portable electronics. Or, charge external batteries to power laptops and all kinds of appliances - either directly from the batteries or through an inverter. The Power Box has a universal outlet. .... Read more or Check Price


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