Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review Xantrex 802-1500, Practical Review For Those Looking For Solution To Power Outages

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the Xantrex 802-1500 XPower 1,500 Watt Portable Powerpack, so i would like to describe here.

our ranch is out of service by power utilities, and we rely on a generator for our power. the Xantrex xPower 1500 was appealed to us for the purpose of carrying out small electrical units, TV, VCR, lamp, computer, without having to start and hear a 10 k generator. Another advantage is the ability to take power where you need it our acerage. portable power unit design allows the dolly to go where you want the power, for power tools, weedeaters, etc. the system

Xantrex 802-1500 XPower 1,500 Watt Portable

XPower Powerpack 1500 supplies up to 1500 watt household electricity. The XPower Powerpack 1500 is a portable power system that produces household electricity for products rated at 1500 watts or less. A clean and quiet alternative to a generator, the XPower Powerpack integrates a 60 Amp/hour AGM battery with a 1500-watt inverter and produces a 3000-watt surge. This .... Read more or Check Price


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