Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt, Great for the right site - made in USA - about the output... in my opinion

A few days earlier. I'm looking for information on the Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator, so i have to tell.

I have a wind generator hooked up to 8 by 6 volt deep cycle batteries powering my 2 bedrooms off grid home. We run 2 dvd players on TV and compact fluorescent lights for bedrooms and kitchen without having to turn our generator. We don't have a microwave, and our fridge works on propane. but after using our noisy generator for 2 months at $ 15.00 for gas on a daily basis, the machine pays for itself quickly, the noise is minimal. Remember the sounds it makes

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator

The Sunforce 44444 400 Watt Wind Generator uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics. Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum, this generator is also a great choice for powering pumps or charging batteries for large power demands. With a maximum power up to 400 watts or 27 amps, this device features a fully integrated regulator that .... Read more or Check Price


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